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Alonge Hawes 
Creator, Writer and Executive Producer 
Geoffrey Henderson
Director, Producer and Editor
Alonge Hawes 
as Ajani Garvey
Tijuana Agnew
as Anaya Bassett
Shani Hawes
as Asha Luna
Howard Woodburn
as Anthony Lee
Quentin Williams
as Quan Banneker
Roberto "Sosa" Cruz
as Jose Torres
The Cast of Blue Collar Hustle
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Blue Collar Hustle (Home Page)
By Alonge Hawes
Blue Collar Hustle (Job is income, Music is freedom)
The show will deal with young African Americans living in Atlanta as they navigate through both the joys and perils of young adulthood and the workforce.

We all can agree, life is hard.
Blue Collar Hustle, a fort coming web series, is the story
of four young black men in Stone Mountain, Ga who
are looking to improve their lives through art, music and imagination
while juggling the responsibilities of life including
family and work.
Written by Alonge Hawes, this story goes into the realities
of being a Black Men in today's modern society .
It seems as if the only escape is through music. 
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Episode 3
Blue Collar Hustle Episode 3 "Six shots" is out now, we hope you enjoy it. Click Here

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