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Real Resident 3
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Audition Date is (saturday)  APRIL 21, 2018 be there between 8 am and 6 pm / you won't be able to audition if you get there after 6 pm.

WESTSIDE CHURCH" 4900 Floyd Rd SW, Mableton, GA 30126
There will be only 1 audition, which will be in the Atlanta GA area (date April 21, 2018) This will be a major audition since we will be casting every role in that one audition. Everyone must attend, even those who just want to be an extra. Monologue reading videos will not be accepted. Everyone will get a role guaranteed, so if you don't nail any of the main characters you can defiantly be a zombie.
We will have 2 types of zombies. Aggressive Zombies who are involved in battle, and background zombies. Background Zombies are recommended for those who are not conformable fighting.
There is no pay for small roles, only major roles will receive a small compensation. Everyone will receive IMDB credits, exposure free food and drinks and great learning experience. Please send head shot and resume to the following address 
Also during the audition, we will have all the necessary paperwork for you to read and sign, such as a mutual agreement, the film contract, permission forms for Children under the 18 and so and so forth. Be there any time between 8 am and 6 pm. NOTE: You won't be able to audition if you get there after 6 pm.

(NOTE) once you send in your resume and email address, you understand that we will put you on our real resident 3 cast list, meaning you will get regular updates about this very project until the project is finished even if you decide or change your mind to be in it. We just wanted to make you aware of it since in our previous projects in 2014 and 2015 people didn't want to be notified anymore. You understand.

Monologues are now available. Download the Monologue HERE and please read the instructions.

This Production will be intense, there will be lots of action, Sword Fights, Killing Zombies, Blood and Gore and a tough dirty environment. So please be mentally and physically prepared if you want to submit for these roles.


(For those who can't wait) we have released 3 promotional trailers about real resident 3 that you can see right now if you click on the trailer link above. If you want to follow us, please click here and please like us there and share it..... The Film Schedule is also available where you can see exactly which days we will be filming and which role is in it. Including the time and locations and instructions. NOTE: Everything will be filmed in the Atlanta GA area. Locations will appear on the online film schedule once we get closer to the days of shooting. 

VERY IMPORTANT LAST NOTE. There is no reason for you to call us for any questions and if you ever miss an email or update, ALWAYS visit this website to see the latest status about Real Resident 3 and you won't miss anything.  Refresh your browser time to time since we are making constant changes on this page.