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Real Resident 3
Anna Taylor           AGE   28 years (CAST = African American
                                                                       Female Age 25 - 35 )

"Anna Taylor" daughter of Jessica Taylor (Real Resident 2)
Is a determent young woman in search of her lost mother.
She is new in the police force and is currently going for detective.
Anna Taylor also seeks justice in a greater way, knowing that there is a greater force out there more than what the eye can see. 
Frank Stallion         AGE  34 years ( CAST = Hispanic / Mittle Eastern Mix
                                             Race Male Age 28 - 40)    

"Frank Stallion" son of Kane Macalvey (Real Resident )
Was a successful business man with a great future ahead
until his entire family was killed in a house fire, He alone
survived the fire and now has lost everything that was dear to him.
Frank Stallion is a christen but with his current lost he has also questioned his
faith and is on the verge to give it up all together.  .

Gustav the Priest         AGE  (54 years)
( CAST = Any Race Male Age 45 - 60 )
"Gustav the Priest" is a priest and has devoted his life entirely to serve the lord.
He has great Godly wisdom and will be the foreshadow of Gods love and kindness towards frank.
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