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Real Resident 3
Alma (demon 1)  Age ( 3000 years old  )

Alma is a female demon who was one of the most cursed creatures
Created by the Zombie Lord, Alma is elegant and extremely charming
But is very poisonous underneath. She wears 2 swords which legends claim has been dipped
In the blood of the devil himself. Her breath will kill anyone who inhales it.

Kentel (demon 2) Age (Unknown) 

Kentel was created when Kain killed his younger brother Abel. Kains evil thoughts were manifested into the darkest demons to haunt down various people  around the world. Kentel was the strongest of them all. He made notice to the Zombie Lord, who has adopted him to one of his royal children. 
Vintorious (demon 3)  Age ( 1866 years )

As a human, Vintorious was a ninja master. When his beloved wife died, he made a deal with the devil to exchange his soul for the return of her life. However, when his wife was resurrected, the devil betrayed him by turning him into a demon commanded to do his fearsome work for all eternity. 
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