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Film Production
Jeff's House 2
Comedy Film Directed by Geoffrey Henderson
Runtime: 67 Min /2011 Rated PG 13 


Geoffrey Henderson
The story continues in pito's new house now living together with Olaf and Ali. A big salary job opportunity has just presented itself for pito on Monday morning. Nothing can go wrong on this weekend or can it? Pito just got the phone call from his grandma Ms.Velantne who needs to move in with pito and who is not the easiest person to get along with. Pito can't take the pressure and hopes for a miracle to happen. His desire for a relationship with Nicole gives him a sidetrack of his current situation. But Olaf might be the key to solve this unhealthy relationship in the first place between him and his grandma, but would also need to be physically involved with some new enemies as he discovers his mysterious gift in kung fu through his Dreams. The new comedy starring Geoffrey Henderson in this action packed, very funny uplifting story. With some new dangerous opponents that Olaf has to defeat with his new
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