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Real Resident 3
The Production of Real Resident 3 is going extremely well. We are back
On track with the original film schedule and finishing one scene after the next. 
So far we have filmed 5 full days out of the 16 total days scheduled for
This production. Yesterday we traveled to Savannah, GA where we just had a blast working with the
Main cast and some supporting characters of Real Resident 3. 

Tomorrow, June 5th will be our last film shoot before we put the Real Resident 3  production on hold
For 6 weeks until July 21.

The production will be taken to a whole new level with 9 days of fight scenes and trainings.

For those who are interested in being a zombie and getting killed: This is your
Change to participate.  We will be having 2 days of battle training and choreography work on
July 21 and 22  Sa & Sunday    Address is Tramore Park   2150 East-West Connector, Austell, GA 30106
Staring at 7 am on both days. 

The park has two entrances, one on each side of east west connector.
You can enter the park from either side to reach the area where we are training.
Follow the directions that are indicated on the map on this page to see exactly where we will be training.
We will provide plenty of water, but bring your own refreshments with you
As well. We will prepare ourselves for the biggest battle scenes
Real Resident 3. Director Geoffrey Henderson will have a precise rundown of
The battles and how the battles will take place. It is of the at most importance
That you are prepared. We suggest going to the gym, work out, go jogging on a
Regular base, anything you can do to get yourself ready. We want nobody to get sore the next day or get hurt.
It will most likely be hot, so we are aware of that and we will make sure
Everyone stays hydrated at all times. If you are sensitive to the sun and heat
Please let us know about it when you come to training.
We will be only using training weapons to really get used to working with them
And choreograph everything perfect and in harmony.
You can wear anything you like, Make sure is comfortable and make sure
You wear good shoes to run with. Have towels with you and change of clothes,
There are bathrooms, near by where you change.

NOTE: Please do not bring any weapons, we will bring probes to set. 
Please provide your own lunch, we will provide plenty of water, but still bring your own water also.

NOTE: Please be on time and arrive at 7 am team will already be there when you get there.
If you are still interested in participating in this film and being a zombie, click here. for the battle training infomation.

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updated  June 4th, 2018