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Real Resident 3
The Real Resident 3 production is back in business,
We had a wonderful time shooting these scenes, which took part in the Marietta Square
And surrounding areas. We had tremendous support throughout the day and many people outside of our production team expressed great interest in Real resident 3.

People are asking us how they can be part of it and how they can support.
We also have received offers from different business in the Marietta Square area to shoot this film on their property.  We want to thank the Australian Bakery Cafe to let us use their Restaurant to shoot part of our film. 

This was the first day working with the Lead Cast and all I can say is THEY ARE AMAZING PERFORMERS you will be blown away by them once the film is released.

We are asking you to support Real Resident 3 and pray as we believe that many of us will be able to relate to the film, especially the Character of Frank Stallion and Anna Taylor.

Also, please make a donation to support us as well to keep this project going smoothly.

We thank you and please continue to follow us regularly.

JUNE 1st, 2018...  Stay on the lookout.

If you are still interested in participating in this film and being a zombie, click here.
for the battle training infomation.

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updated  May 20, 2018