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Real Resident 3
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Real Resident 3 is the third and final entry of the real resident saga, it takes place 20 years after REAL RESIDENT 2. With REAL  RESIDENT 3 Anna and Frank coincidentally meet from 2 different walks of life. Frank Stallion the son of Kane Macalvey (REAL  RESIDENT) who is a confused and desperate person on the brink of accepting Christ or killing himself. He has broken down after losing his entire family and his job and home. On the other hand Anna Taylor, daughter of Jessica Taylor  (REAL  RESIDENT 2) is a smart and strong woman who takes pride in her career and is looking into the whereabouts of her mom who mysteriously disappeared with her partner Thomas Edwards. Frank and Anna both get the revelation that anger and pride leads to the choice of choosing Good or Evil, having to fight the temptations in the mysterious fantasy world called Marka. The ultimate evil (SIN) manifest in zombies and monsters are ruling this world. Making a choice in the heat of their arguments and choosing the white dove over the woman in the mirror will be a great challenge. Now they have to confront a greater evil, but with the Lord fighting on Anna and Franks behave, they can be victorious. But even so... They can become distracted if they take the eyes of the Lord. Evil can ultimately win if the focus is on one's self rather than God.
No sceening is scheduled yet.
check back another time.

Between January and June of 2019 we will try to have this film screened at different locations for people who haven't gotten the chance to see the film at the premiere and also for others who just want to go back and watch it again. Starting January 1st Geoffrey's Planet will try to reach out to different venues and places to have the film played.
Each time, if we get a screening time we will notify everyone in the cast and crew via Facebook and email and also on our website at But we also encourage everyone to reach out to their facilities / churches / schools any place where a screening could take place and have them personally contact us to arrange a screening time and date. It would have to be the owner / principal / head of the actual facility to contact us personally to arrange a screening for Real Resident 3. Also Geoffrey's Planet will start submitting Real Resident 3 to numerous film festivals and distributors starting January 1st on a weekly basis. Every time we win something or get announced it will be notified to all the cast and crew. There might also be a possibility of a screening and you are able to see that as well. Regarding the DVDs. DVDs will be released June 15, 2019. The main crew and cast will receive a free copy and every other supporting actor and background actor will receive a discount price on the final DVD. DVDs can be ordered at the website at We are also trying to have the film available online / like pay-per-view. We are currently working on that part and if we get a platform going we will definitely notify all of you. Regarding your personal Reel. Some of you have asked for a reel, however, please understand that once the DVDs are released they will still be a restriction on how to use the footage. Just like any other film footage is copyrighted and can only be used for private use. No copying is allowed. We will remove the restrictions completely December 2019 where the film also will be finally on YouTube for free. At that point you are willing to cut anything out of there to create your reel. Instructions will also be on the actual DVD once they are released in June of 2019.

We hope that God will bring this film to all the corners of the Earth because I personally believe it must be seen. We need your support and like I said before if you know anyone who has a facility / Church, Event Place Etc, have them personally contact us to arrange a screening so that people who have not seen it have the chance to watch it or even watch it again. I personally will do my part as well to get places to have this film screened again. Until the DVDs are released.

Geoffrey Henderson